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Piptronic Review

Piptronic rating: 7 votes, average: 3.71 out of 57 votes, average: 3.71 out of 57 votes, average: 3.71 out of 57 votes, average: 3.71 out of 57 votes, average: 3.71 out of 5 (7 votes, average: 3.71 out of 5, rated)
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piptronicDeveloped by Jon Kopitar who is a long time private EA developer, Piptronic is a new generation expert advisor forex trading software. There are 2 versions of this software currently available in the market. They are Piptronic 1 and Piptronic 2. Usually when you buy Piptronic 2 the other Piptronic 1 comes bundled along with it. You can buy this piece of software for $129.99 and use it. If you are not satisfied with the functioning of the software during the risk free period of 30 days simply return it and you will get 100% refund.


Both versions of Piptronic have some interesting features namely the following:

  1. Built-in market timing algorithm
  2. Trend adapting technology
  3. State of the art Money management system
  4. A revolutionary new NOS setting and
  5. Extremely low drawdown of below 10%

Piptronic2 differs from Piptronic1 in that Piptronic2 has the following added features.

  1. User inputted time to start and stop trading.
  2. More efficient profit settings
  3. Improved money management system.

Now here is a brief explanation of some of these features and how it correlates to your forex trading activity.

Built in market timing algorithm simply means that Piptronic does not do any random buy or hold trades. On the contrary each and every trade that is done is based on data evaluated over several days. In other words this feature ensures that you get the market timing right in forex trading. It could make the difference between making healthy profits and getting your account wiped out. Market timing is one of the key features that Piptronic uses to make profits.

Agreed Piptronic has its core strategy which it follows diligently particularly the trend adapting technology. But when the market changes what happens? In that eventuality Piptronic puts its core strategy aside. Then it proceeds to analyze the upcoming market data and figures out how to profit from the newer market conditions.

That’s what makes Piptronic different from most Expert Advisors. That’s also the reason why Piptronic trades 1-3 times per day, making sure that those are indeed the absolutely safest trades to make. Most expert advisor trading softwares look good so long as market conditions fit in well with their core strategy. That’s always been the problem with automated forex trading software. For example, the strategy for some software maybe to work well in a trending market whether it is upward, downward, or sideways. If the market fits with one of these conditions it works well otherwise not. However Piptronic does not have a stagnant core strategy. In other words it is always flexible, always trying to analyze the market for what it is.

Piptronic money management is a ground-breaking feature. This feature looks to increase your long-term profits but may in the process curtail your short term profits. For example imagine for a moment that you had made a profit of $100,000 with the money management system turned off. But the profit would have been $75,000 if you had the money management system turned on. Why the lowering of profits initially when you have the money management system turned on? It is simply to implement a long term strategy. But if you continue to keep the money management system turned on in subsequent years, you will see your profits jump several times more.

NOS system has got to do with boosting your profit capabilities. On loading Piptronic you will see the NOS setting. Switch it on and you will see your profits increasing. Maybe it has got to do with drawdown as they never go below 10%. It indeed keeps the reliability standards of Piptronic in check. That means the winning percentage with Piptronic is well above 90%.

Piptronic is meant for the discerning forex trader who has some experience in forex trading. It may not suit the newbie forex trader. Support services are only provided to buyers of software. Refreshingly Piptronics provides a physical postal address at its website.

Write your own review of Piptronic software

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Comment by lucy
2009-08-17 08:26:53

EA’s come and go. I have been using them for several years but haven’t had a steady fix on any one particular EA in a long long time. That’s until I tried Piptronic. At first I thought I would have to return it within the 30 day trial period, but both Pip 1 and Pip 2 changed all that.

Here’s what I did to get Piptronic working. Just downloaded it and installed it in my computer and then Piptronic took over from then on. For example, supposing you were using it, the moment you see the NOS setting on Pip just switch it on, and you will see your profits zooming with drawdowns usually in the 10% range. But all said and done, you need some experience in using Piptronic.

Here are some interesting features I found in Piptronic.

It didn’t do any random buys for me,probably because of its unique market timing algorithm. Piptronic always traded at the right time.

Importantly, I found that as the market changed, so did the Piptronic strategy. This was something I hadn’t seen before in other expert advisor software.

Pip traded only 2-3 times a day for me, but I don’t know why? But I do know that those indeed were the safest bets to be making as it turned profitable 90% of the time.

Finally whatever are the market conditions, whether trending upward, downward or sideways, Piptronic worked equally well. But I really don’t know how it did that.

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Comment by viky Subscribed to comments via email
2009-12-26 06:01:43

May i know do you ake profit in piptronic because iam interested to try.

But i would like to try with low intial capital

If can please show ur statement

Thank you

viky did not rate this post.
Comment by shirley
2009-08-24 12:51:28

If you know to trade well, you may not need a trading software to help you. But if you have plenty of money to trade, you need a trading software, because money management feature comes handy, and that’s what Piptronics has!!

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