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Instant Forex Profit System Review

Instant Forex Profit System ratings:
2 votes, average: 2.00 out of 52 votes, average: 2.00 out of 52 votes, average: 2.00 out of 52 votes, average: 2.00 out of 52 votes, average: 2.00 out of 5 (2 votes, average: 2.00 out of 5, rated)
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Instant Forex Profit System
Welcome to Instant Forex Profit System review page!
The creator of Instant Forex Profit System is Stephen Wilson who retired as an Assistant Professor from Manchester University in the U.K. Several years ago, Stephen took to Forex trading because that happened to be his chosen field of research study. So here we look into a piece of software that has been created by a person who not only has excellent educational credentials but somebody who took to forex trading for purely research purposes.
You don’t have to have trading experience to use the Instant Forex Profit System. Along with this system you will get an Instant Forex Profit System manual that will teach you how to get the numbers from forex price charts. Even a novice could use this piece of software.

Theoretically the Instant Forex Profit System works by analyzing the numbers for “take profit” and “stop loss”. Based on this it then maximizes the profits using very good price driven techniques. It checks the price data for the past 14 days and compares them with present price movements. Thereafter the Instant Forex Profit System uses its own technique and gives you the entry/exit points along with the “take profit” and “stop loss” numbers.

With the Instant Forex Profit System you are assured of getting dedicated customer support and also software updates for free. Along with the software you will also get a free “Forex Basics Bonus” which is an E-book that will give you important information about forex trading.


Instant Forex Profit System requires no installation. Just click on the “instantprofit.exe” file and it will be up and ready for you. The best part is you only have to work on this system or use this system for just about 5 minutes per week. Ideally the best time to use this system would be on Monday as that would enable you to keep track of the events of the previous week.
So what do you have to do as a trader using this software? It just boils down to first running the instantprofit.exe file, then feed in six currency price numbers and finally press the “Make Decision” button. There is no third step for you to do as the software would automatically generate for you the “Buy”, “Sell”, “Stop Loss” and “Take Profit” numbers.

You can use this software by following some simple steps:

  1. Run the instantprofit.exe file
  2. Then select the currency pair you would like to trade in.
  3. From the chart get the following prices.
  4. Previous week’s high price
    Previous week’s low price
    Last week’s closed prices.
    The high price reached 2 weeks ago
    The low price reached 2 weeks ago
    The closed price two week’s ago

  5. Feed the above price data in the software
  6. Press “Make Decision” tab

Then the Instant forex Profit System will give you four sets of prices as for example:

Open a buy order at 1.5757
Open a sell order at 1.4040
Fix stop loss of 25 pips for both orders.
Set target profit to 60 pips for both orders.
Importantly close all orders before end of week.

Using Instant Forex Profit System is simple as this.
Please note that this is only an illustrative example

How much does it cost?
It costs $97 to buy this software. No doubt like with other software systems available in the market it comes with full eight weeks 100 per cent money back guarantee. If you go to the Instant Forex Profit website and talk to their sales representative then you could get a further $10 discount on the selling price.

The creator of this software has made an amazing offer in their website. They say they would return the money you paid to buy this software if you weren’t making any money using this software. Of course in that case you would have to send them your trading screen shots to prove that you weren’t making money using Instant Forex Profit System. This surely helps to prove the enormous faith and confidence they have in the Instant Forex Profit System. So when you buy Instant Forex Profit System it is definitely a risk-free purchase.

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Comment by yani
2008-06-05 17:52:31

Dont have to beat your head with this one. Just 5 minutes is all it takes. Mind you, not every day but 5 minutes every week is all it takes. These guys really value time.

yani did not rate this post.
Comment by Doug Subscribed to comments via email
2008-06-05 21:01:41

This guy’s a quack. His team can’t even write proper English. The pdf file is rather vague in its explanation and full of grammatical errors.
A large chunk of the package is filled with basic information that
you can get for free and space-wasters such as how to key in orders on metatrader.
Too bad if you used any other platform coz our friend
wilson and team uses only that.
The testimonials on his sales page are unreliable and seek to mislead
would be consumers. Don’t believe me? Googling and contacting some of them.
While some might be true friends of his aiding in his marketing campaign,
I’m pretty sure the professor from cambridge isn’t one of them.
Their after sales service seems rather unprofessional. In fact,
the email sounded a tad rude to me.
Having said all that, I’m still back testing his system. Results are
inconclusive as of now. I wouldn’t encourage anyone to buy it unless
you’ve got too much spare cash and would like to purchase a blackbox
system which the creator wouldn’t tell you what goes on inside as
it is “simply too complicated”. Right I’m sure.

Doug did not rate this post.
Comment by juke
2008-06-08 13:26:14

I always like the idea of a software telling me when a profitable trade would come up.But in a heavily trending scene, never seen that happen. And this guy calls it instant!Makes me think.

juke did not rate this post.
Comment by gilbert
2008-06-17 18:50:42

If we buy a $ 100 dollar or so software, I guess we would all be in profit. Thats what they all want us to believe. Anyone with actual trades on this software?

gilbert did not rate this post.
Comment by bryan
2008-06-19 13:01:53

In forex all you need is to understand price action and the ability to stay on and learn.Or do you need a maths wizard telling us you are going to win trades in such and such ratio.

bryan did not rate this post.
Comment by ajax
2008-06-21 15:36:46

Bryan I sure agree with you on that—its complicated, as you got to read the charts and enter previous weeks six price points. So one mistake and the blame is yours.

ajax did not rate this post.
Comment by smith
2008-06-23 19:29:31

ajax I am with you on that and it frustrates me having to enter previous weeks data. I never get data right so may be each time I could be entering a mistake.who knows until trade goes whoosh.

smith did not rate this post.
Comment by Doug Subscribed to comments via email
2008-06-23 19:44:28

Ajax and Smith. Try asking the “creators” of the system and you’ll be surprised how unhelpful their replies are.. haha. I bet they’ll prob either ask you to read the manual all over again or just quote you some part from the manual. Great service indeed!

Doug did not rate this post.
Comment by eddie Subscribed to comments via email
2008-07-05 07:20:14

the trading example on the site is not real. if you notice the graph shows a daily chart. each candle representing a day. therefore the profits that he claims to make would take couple months not a week as the software claims to do.

not only that but the chart of profits that he claims to make is incorrect. i have looked over these claims and realize that these profit could not be made his stop orders would be hit on many occasion before he could have realize any profits.

although you would have to buy the software to prove my finding on the second paragraph, my first paragraph can be proven by simply visiting his site

eddie did not rate this post.
Comment by chang kong
2009-08-16 14:34:36

I bought this piece of software as I was pretty impressed by the fact that Mr. Wilson the creator of the software was an eminent researcher in forex trading, having left a professorship at the Univ. of Manchester. Until then I didn’t know anything about forex trading, so I guess I decided to buy IFP software purely on the credential’s of the software’s author.

How does this IFP work? It simply takes price data of the previous fortnight and figures out what is to be done at that point in trading. What I usually do is, first install the software and use it for say ½ an hour or so every week. But of course I have had to feed some data to the software interface. Specifically I had to feed in the past weeks high and low price (of EUR/USD, as that was what I was trading), the closed prices of the same week gone by, the high and low price reached 2 weeks ago, and finally the closed prices 2 weeks back. After feeding this data, I clicked on the “decision” tab and presto what I got was recommended prices for Eur/USD both for buy order and sell order. But you got to believe the software’s prediction and go ahead and make the trade. It works out right more than 80% correctly or even more. Of course I have had some lousy predictions too, but that’s only sometimes and not always.

But if you ask me, I will say one thing, and that is you must be somewhat adept at forex trading to be using IFP. Otherwise you should be looking at some of the other totally mechanical and automatic software. As for me, I learned to work IFP even as I learned to trade forex, and I think that is a hard way to go about using expert advisor software.

chang kong ratings for this post: chang kong gives a rating of 3chang kong gives a rating of 3chang kong gives a rating of 3chang kong gives a rating of 3chang kong gives a rating of 3
Comment by rasool
2011-02-27 12:33:41

do you have site i cannt find your sait . thanks

rasool did not rate this post.
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