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Forex MegaDroid Review

Forex MegaDroid rating: 3 votes, average: 4.00 out of 53 votes, average: 4.00 out of 53 votes, average: 4.00 out of 53 votes, average: 4.00 out of 53 votes, average: 4.00 out of 5 (3 votes, average: 4.00 out of 5, rated)
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forex-megadroidCreated by John Grace and Albert Perrie, this Forex Megadroid software claims to have an astounding winning rate of 95.82%. Whatever is its success rate, you have got to admit that Forex MegaDroid has a unique way of working. To put it bluntly, Forex MegaDroid places forex trading orders by looking into the future and not on the basis of past data as most forex software robots do. In other words most of the forex software looks at what happened in the past in order to decide what to do in the future. Forex MegaDroid has changed all that.

At the moment you can buy Forex MegaDroid software for $ 97. If you know how to download a file, then you have what it takes to use Forex MegaDroid. It’s a plug and play kind of software. Downloading, installing and operating Forex MegaDroid is a 5 step process. Remember Forex MegaDroid works best with the Meta Trader type of platform. When you download, what you get is a pre-configured copy of Meta Trader with the software, so you can download, install, and start trading with Forex MegaDroid all within 5 minutes.

You have 60 days to do whatever you want with Forex MegaDroid whether it is testing, demo trading or live trading. If you don’t want to risk your money you could open several demo accounts with different brokers and test out the robot with virtual money.

Most of the forex robots require substantial money in your account for it to work effectively. But this is not so with Forex MegaDroid. All you need is $1, and this piece of software could still work. You can find a list of brokers in the Forex MegaDroid download section that will allow you to open an account with $1. Open an account with one such broker, and you could start your business in forex trading with Forex MegaDroid. It indeed looks perfect for a beginner.


Forex MegaDroid uses what is known as RCTPA technology meaning Reverse Correlated Time and Price Analysis and this is John and Albert’s contribution to the forex industry. The makers of Forex MegaDroid have 38 years of combined forex trading experience in currency trading rooms of commercial banks.

Most of the forex trading robots in the marketplace are programmed to work only under a specific market condition. For example it may work in a trending market, or a non-trending market. Or else it may work in a volatile or non-volatile market as the case may be. That’s what you get with most robots. On the contrary Forex MegaDroid is probably the only “multi-market” forex robotic software in the market, good for all market conditions.

When you select a forex trading software it has got to be in tune with the market realities at that point in time. But remember that forex market undergoes dramatic changes in volatility, change in trading range, and changes in the timings of market movements every few years. One such dramatic change in forex markets occurred in September 2008 and is likely to stay for sometime until something more eventful occurs. Now you got to ask yourself whether the software you have chosen is in tune with those changes that occurred. Or in other words, does your trading robot adapt to the new market reality? If it is Forex MegaDroid the answer is yes. Very few robots have the capacity to adapt to a new long term market outlook as Forex MegaDroid does.

You are likely to encounter another problem when you start using profitable automated forex software. Some unscrupulous brokers could sense that you are using an automated trading robot and try to play you out by raising the spreads on the currency pairs during the specific hours your robot is likely to trade. When you use Forex MegaDroid, your broker can do no such thing, as it has an internal mechanism which makes it totally undetectable to your forex broker. So no broker can trick you out of a profitable trade while using
Forex MegaDroid. When you use the software it leaves no trace whatsoever that it was a robot doing the trades. Forex MegaDroid is the only trading software in the market that has this in-built mechanism which makes it invisible to forex brokers.

Forex MegaDroid shows good performance, accuracy, consistency and above all has a new artificial intelligence frontier that takes forex computing to a hitherto unknown but new level. It allows a forex trader to see into the immediate future with astounding accuracy. Very short time frames say 2-4 hours, is all the time Forex MegaDroid needs to make amazing profits. In other words, it is strategically based on very short time frames as it is more of a scalper than a day or medium term trader.

The support service is fast, professional and unconditional. The authors of the software are themselves available for consultations along with a team of highly trained personnel offering quality support by email.


Forex MegaDroid gets rid of human intervention in forex trading and therefore this robot is best suited for a forex trader who has zero experience in forex trading.

A forex trader would make money only if he has loads of experience in forex trading. This means that experience is a commodity to which you cannot attach a price tag. For a newbie trader, Forex MegaDroid provides that experience factor. That way it helps you to stay ahead of the competition!

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Comment by anja
2009-07-17 09:12:40

Unlike other EA’s I have used before this one fits my budget from the point of view of how much money I have in my trading account. It works perfectly fine with even a few dollars.
Megadroid is a multi-market type of software meaning it works no matter the market were trending, non-trending,volatile or non-volatile. It gives me more than 70% profit on an annualized basis. Maybe it could give more but I use the trading system only few times a week.
Although it has this exotic sounding Reverse Corelated Time and Price Analysis techniques it sure is easy to use. Just takes 5 minutes to download,install and start trading and you don’t need any prior experience in forex trading to use it.

anja ratings for this post: anja gives a rating of 3anja gives a rating of 3anja gives a rating of 3anja gives a rating of 3anja gives a rating of 3
Comment by james
2009-07-20 07:59:59

Megadroid is built on the bedrock of 38 years of forex trading experience of its authors.Now those guys started forex trading on behalf of commercial banks, when in those days there was hardly any computers to help them nor was there any quick-fix method to test their forex models and strategies—like you could do now using your computer.
I like the plug and play method of using Megadroid and if you ask me what is the best feature of this software it is undoubtedly the fact that it can figure out the market for the next 2-4 hours which is also the time I could spend before a computer and know that my trades have actually materialized.

james ratings for this post: james gives a rating of 4james gives a rating of 4james gives a rating of 4james gives a rating of 4james gives a rating of 4
Comment by Sean rating
2011-06-02 14:46:42

This is the best forex software I have ever used.

Sean rating ratings for this post: Sean rating gives a rating of 5Sean rating gives a rating of 5Sean rating gives a rating of 5Sean rating gives a rating of 5Sean rating gives a rating of 5
Comment by rizal
2011-07-14 01:17:44

This is what i call a great software. you should try it.

rizal did not rate this post.
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