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Forex Autopilot System by Mark Copeland Review

Forex Autopilot System ratings:
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forex autopilot system
The creator of Forex Autopilot System Mark Copeland is telling us that his system gains 93% winning trades completely on autopilot, though he does some manual trading when there are some big news, etc…
He claims that his system is very profitable and winning one, and that he spends less than 30 minutes a day for check-ups.
He guarantees that his system will make for you 5%-25% per month or 75-150 pips ($7500-$15000) per month depending on your invested capital!

With this system comes a complete guide on Forex Autopilot System, guide on Forex basics, explanations and guidance on Meta Trader platform and brokers that uses Meta Trader.

Main Features:

  • No experience is needed
  • Fully automated
  • You can start trading from $1000 on real account or open demo account
  • Runs on Meta Trader platform
  • Simple to use
  • Has dedicated support team
  • No monthly subscription fees

It costs $99 and it has 8 weeks money back if you are not happy about this system.
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Write your own review of Forex Autopilot System by Mark Copeland

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Comment by coles
2008-06-06 18:20:17

This is no easy apple to pluck.It makes decisions based on your input—meaning there is a risk in it for the newbie.

coles did not rate this post.
Comment by alex
2008-06-08 15:18:26

Making passive income in forex has never been easy but with a bit of strategy knowledge and Marks autopilot if you can take off, may be super!I wonder if there is anyone here who knows more on this?

alex did not rate this post.
Comment by trevor
2008-06-17 19:53:44

No its not that easy.A few trades might work. But you cant be on autopilot always!

trevor did not rate this post.
Comment by yves
2008-06-21 15:11:34

Don’t confuse this with Marcus Leary’s forex product. That software piece is much ahead—I would prefer that to this.

yves did not rate this post.
Comment by ginger
2008-06-23 19:06:49

Yves I did get caught up with Marcus fx software, no use for me that but this works a lot I think. Any idea what timing is best for using this software?

ginger did not rate this post.
Comment by Brian
2008-10-25 01:45:10

I would like to comment about the product: Forex Auto Trader.

It has been quite an unfortunate experience for me. I wasn’t going to publically complain. I just wanted to take my losses and just get a refund. But oddly enough it was the people at Forex Auto Pilot that caused me to write this.

I purchased Forex Auto Trader and found that it nearly blew up my account several times. Without a stop loss, it tended to be hanging low and took many days to even get close to recovering the losses.

I put it away and just emailed them for a refund.

Then, about two days ago I get a call from a fellow named Cody, at 800-810-4951 x211 who represented Forex Auto Pilot. He called and left me voicemail. Since I wasn’t interested in the software anymore I let it go. He called again… and again… Finally while on the way home from work I took his third call.

This is where it gets interesting. He began by asking me how the software was treating me. I told him “not too well” and explained how I had been running in a high negative. I mentioned I was over it and just going to ask for my money. Rather then just say “sorry” he decided to argue with me.

Cody begins to tell me it’s my fault. He starts by getting a bit condescending and tells me that people like me don’t know anything about Forex or EA’s. I mention that another EA i use has been working better with little to no loss, as it has adaptive stop loss.

Cody at that point says “it’s a different market.” I say “no, same MArket… Eur/Usd…”

I tell Cody I don’t want to debate it… I just didn’t like it. Again he goes on about how i’m not educated and that I don’t understand how F.A.P. doesn’t work in a market that is driven by fundamentals. He also says I need to be educated on Forex itself… which is odd considering that the website for FAP says you don’t need to know anything about Forex.

At any rate, I tell Cody that while FAP was dragging at the bottom, I made trades on my own, based on fundamentals – as a novice Forex trader and made a couple hundred bucks during those sessions that somewhat compensated for the FAP loss. Cody tells me, “Let me save you some money and give you some education… no EA will work right now. The market is fundamentally driven.” “But,” I reply, “this other EA is working in the same market, while FAP isn’t working for me…” he gets quiet.

At this point I’m wondering why he called me in the first place. AFter all, according to him, no EA should be working in the EUR/USD market… so why would he bother calling people to say “How’s it working for you?”

While I’m in mid conversation with him he hangs up on me.

Throughout the whole conversation I didn’t say one mean thing to him. I was nice. I didn’t want to argue. I just felt if he’s calling me, he should take the comments and pass them along. Instead he got defensive, argumentative and even condescending. Ultimately he hung up on me.

Pretty poor customer service.

I’m still waiting for my refund.

Brian did not rate this post.
Comment by scott
2009-08-17 08:22:24

I guess the guy who made this software named it Autopilot, may be because he wanted to convey the fact that it was totally automatic. Yes it sure is automatic, you don’t have to spend too much time sitting before the computer, and I have got dedicated support service whenever asked.

But the point is, can we say the autopilot is superior to other software out there? Is it forever making winning trades? The answer is no. Firstly it works on Meta trader only, and I don’t quite agree to their claim that it makes up to 25% per month on your capital consistently. I found the drawbacks too much at times, and yes may be if you have a large capital you may feel comfortable using it. Otherwise not. I can’t bracket myself as an experienced forex trader and that’s precisely the reason why I decided to try out autopilot as it was a plug and play kind of thing needing no experience. But then I discovered you surely need a lot of experience to get out of those draw downs and save your capital.

I found nothing too technical about autopilot. Just download the file, install it in your computer and you are in business. If you ask me what’s the best feature of autopilot, I would say it’s the ease with which you could use it. But I suggest you try out autopilot on your demo account as I have been doing these days. I have got encouraging results, but you got to be careful of those drawdowns whenever that happens.

scott ratings for this post: scott gives a rating of 2scott gives a rating of 2scott gives a rating of 2scott gives a rating of 2scott gives a rating of 2
Comment by robbie
2009-08-24 13:24:06

It’s hard to believe a software that claims to make 25% each month,and more so if it doesn’t refund unsatisfied buyers, like in Brian’s case as per an earlier post.

robbie ratings for this post: robbie gives a rating of 2robbie gives a rating of 2robbie gives a rating of 2robbie gives a rating of 2robbie gives a rating of 2
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