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FapTurbo System Review

FapTurbo System rating: 2 votes, average: 3.50 out of 52 votes, average: 3.50 out of 52 votes, average: 3.50 out of 52 votes, average: 3.50 out of 52 votes, average: 3.50 out of 5 (2 votes, average: 3.50 out of 5, rated)
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fapturboFapturbo System is the outcome of two extraordinary people coming together. One was well versed in technology and the other was a well-known creator of an existing forex trading system software. Together they created a modern trading system software for the forex trading community known as FapTurbo.

By profession Steve Carletti is an IT Programmer and he is the chief architect of FapTurbo. Steve wanted to create unique forex trading software. Towards this Steve and his team evaluated each and every forex robot in the market and subscribed to all the forex services that were available, before concluding that most of the forex Robotic software then available in the market failed to function in live trading. Amongst all the software tested by them they discovered that Marcus Leary’s Forex Autopilot System was by far the best in the market, especially as it was being constantly updated by its creator.

So Steve met Marcus who was generous to let Steve have a look at the source code of Forex Autopilot and told him that if he could develop something better on the Autopilot platform he could keep that to himself. That is how FapTurbo was born.

One of the drawbacks of the Forex Autopilot was that for longer sums the risks were found to be equally big. The Autopilot had a kind of all or nothing formula.

On the contrary FapTurbo focuses on small movements in the market which happen regardless of the fact whether the market crashes or the economy goes haywire. So FapTurbo assures you a modest return on a daily basis, which means the risks are low. How does this happen? FapTurbo follows a loss minimization technique. This is done by making small profits at regular intervals.

FapTurbo has a provision for a demo account that you can use to practice till you go live. The best part is you can use it with any account even as low as $1 which you could open with some brokers.

How much does it cost?

The cost of the software is $149 as one time payment with absolutely no other fees whatsoever. This comes along with a 60-day one hundred percent money back guarantee. For the features that FapTurbo has it is a good product at an affordable cost albeit a bit costly than the other products listed in this site.

When you buy FapTurbo you will receive

  • A welcome package with the software
  • Video tutorial
  • Access to a VIP area
  • Live phone support
  • Your own license key for the robot
  • Forex course, investment tips etc

The set up is described in detail with a Custom Video tutorial that comes along.


FapTurbo is meant for any forex trader who knows how to click a mouse and download a file. That’s how simple it is. Thereafter FapTurbo will decide when the markets are hot and when it is time to trade. That’s how simple it is.

The main features of this software are:

  • It is 100% automatic
  • High trading activity with 20-30 trades per week
  • High spread protection system and automated risk scaling
  • Trades in multiple currencies
  • Built in loss prevention and extremely low draw downs
  • Software could work with low account balances.
  • FapTurbo provides a support telephone hotline for its customers.

There is another feature that differentiates FapTurbo from other robotic software. This is in the way you use this piece of software.
You have two options:
Option 1
You can simply download the software, install it in your computer and use it alongside whichever forex broker you have your trading account with. But in this scenario you will have to keep your computer always on, especially because the software functions by detecting small changes in the market.
Option 2
You can have the FapTurbo installed in the software manufacturer’s server. In this case you don’t have to keep your computer always on. But you will still have full control over the FapTurbo as if it were running in your computer.

On the whole this piece of software looks pretty good to work with.

Write your own review of FapTurbo software

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Comment by reema
2009-07-05 11:43:21

Fap does 7-8 trades for me every week. That’s more than what I get with other robots. Of course there is error margin like with any other piece but certainly tolerable.

reema ratings for this post: reema gives a rating of 3reema gives a rating of 3reema gives a rating of 3reema gives a rating of 3reema gives a rating of 3
Comment by o'brian
2009-08-12 14:29:37

Having used Forex Autopilot, I know it means taking big risks and loosing hard money too. I didn’t like the “take it or leave it” kind of feeling the Autopilot gave me. So I had to move on and it was Fred my great friend with lots of forex trading experience who put me on to the FapTurbo.

So here’s what I found with the FapTurbo. This one makes profits out of small forex movements. So it get me money almost daily, not much, but just small amounts. But I feel reassured with Fapturbo as I don’t have to take big risks.

I took to Fp Turbo without trying the demo which they have. And Fap turbo works well with my very low account balance of justv $25. It works just as well with $1 too. I am not a big trader myself, but if you know how to download a file then you could be using Fp turbo. That apart, Fp turbo does the thinking for you, is cent percent automatic, and does about 20 trades for me every week. 3 to 4 different currency pairs are traded as well.

The helplines do really work, have tried a couple of times to get red hot response. Actually I have the Fp turbo installed in their remote servers, so I don’t even have to run my computer to use Fp turbo; sure works great on remote access too!

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