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AvaFX Review

AvaFx rating: 9 votes, average: 5.33 out of 59 votes, average: 5.33 out of 59 votes, average: 5.33 out of 59 votes, average: 5.33 out of 59 votes, average: 5.33 out of 5 (9 votes, average: 5.33 out of 5, rated)
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AvaFXAva Fx is a top brokerage company that was founded in 2006 by a team of financial professionals and is headquartered in Tortola, BVI. It also has a logistics office in Nicosia, Cyprus.
Importantly Ava Fx is backed by a major financial institution with over $17 billion in assets under management and is rated “A+” by an S & P affiliated rating agency.
Users can view this site in Chinese, Arabic, French, Italian and Dutch.

Company’s Market Position

Ava Fx is one of the worlds leading on-line forex trading brokers with over 50,000 registered customers and volumes of more than $20 billion a month.
Unlike other trading platforms this one has a user-oriented perspective. Ava Fx is built around the user. The proprietary software of Ava Fx leverages the power of the world’s leading banks and financial institutions while at the same time providing consumers with an easy-to-use yet functionally rich trading environment.

This brokerage company offers clients the facility of having Silver, Gold and Platinum accounts. The minimum for opening a Silver account is $100, for Gold account the minimum amount required is $1000 and for Platinum accounts the minimum amount required for opening an account is $10,000. On its part, Ava Fx offers its clients a free bonus of $50, $100 and $200 for the Silver, Gold and Platinum accounts respectively.

Types of Services offered

Ava Fx has an easy to use trading platform called the Ava Trader. Begin with a $100,000 practice account and when you are ready for the real thing you can begin trading with a minimum of $100.
Ava Trader can be used for dealing in dozens of currency pairs and metals.
The beauty of Ava Fx trading platform is that with a click of the mouse you can switch over from trading forex to trading in units of Nasdaq 100, S & P 500, Dax 30, Crude oil, gold,cotton, wheat etc. This facility is available in the demo version also.
The spreads are fixed and reasonable.
It affords a 200:1 leverage with no commission or fees.
Accounts can be funded with PayPal or credit card and so starting an account takes very little time.
The educational center at the Ava Fx website is excellent. It has all the resources to get you started in forex trading.

Trading Platform

In the Ava Trader you will find an online trading platform that is easy enough to be used by even novice traders, yet providing the most sophisticated trader with all the requisite technical facilities.
Ava Trader has best addressed the requirement of securing the customer’s money. This is ensured by the deployment of 256-bit SSL encryption across the website along with The True-Site identity assurance seal embedded with company name/date/time stamp. In addition, this comes along with AICPA Web Trust compliance standards. Importantly the Ava Fx website is tested and certified daily to pass the McAfee Secure Security Scan to preclude the possibility of identity theft and credit card fraud.

Trader Support

It has a 24-hour web based multi-lingual support center.
Site design and ease of navigation comments
There are hardly any extraneous advertisements in this site, and so it is fairly easy to navigate through the Ava Fx site.


Ava Fx customer accounts are audited quarterly by Ernst & Young.
Ava Fx customer funds are kept in Commerzbank of Frankfurt, which is one of Germany’s leading financial institutions. So the financial linkages are excellent.
AvaFx website lists out the entire management team, and that it is indeed a comforting feature to have.
An Ava Fx account can be opened in less than 5 minutes if information is entered correctly.
This site offers e-currency exchange rates to its customers. E-Gold can be exchanged to Web money or Liberty Reserve.


There is no Meta trader 4 software support.

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Comment by admin
2008-06-12 14:01:40

Ava FX is very recomended! My friend is working with them for a long time and very happy with them!

admin ratings for this post: admin gives a rating of 5admin gives a rating of 5admin gives a rating of 5admin gives a rating of 5admin gives a rating of 5
Comment by zack
2008-06-20 19:13:03

Too many tech problems that support cant handle, but great demo and and if they sort out the techs may be ok to trade—but really they got to go a long way to make this work especially as you can get platforms with lesser trouble.

zack ratings for this post: zack gives a rating of 2zack gives a rating of 2zack gives a rating of 2zack gives a rating of 2zack gives a rating of 2
Comment by Chris Subscribed to comments via email
2008-07-03 07:16:11

I have been with one of the larger US brokers for a while, IBFX, but coming to AvaFX was a releif. I always felt IBFX were chasing stops and spiked people out of the game. With AvaFX I haven’t had any problems of that kind. Also, their platform, although it can’t handle fully automatic trading, has features which actually makes it easier for me to trade mys system than what was the case with IBFX who used MT4. Also funding and withdrawals has been very easy so far. We’ll see what happens when my account grows to something substantial, but it looks like AvaFX is backed by serious business interest who probalby knows that ripping off customers doesn’t vouch for longevity in the Forex broker business. To use an Ebay term: A++++++ :)

Chris ratings for this post: Chris gives a rating of 5Chris gives a rating of 5Chris gives a rating of 5Chris gives a rating of 5Chris gives a rating of 5
Comment by Andy
2008-08-14 16:46:30

Too many tech problems, chart data unavailable comes up almost daily. Try a bigger, more stable firm.

Andy ratings for this post: Andy gives a rating of 1Andy gives a rating of 1Andy gives a rating of 1Andy gives a rating of 1Andy gives a rating of 1
Comment by MROZI Subscribed to comments via email
2008-08-16 21:23:53

i’m ex-trader with Ava.fx. for the past 10 months. After a 3 times Margin Call; then i concentrate with their demo account.
The platform is quite basics but i think more than adequate. Simple is better with basic tools like trendline and M.A.; Fibo and so on.
The execution for order is less troublesome with demo but a very bad for real account. Too many reqoutes than you expected until price become far away from your original requested.
The biggest problemm i face in this platform is their stop loss hunting that happening in front of my eyes. They going up for sudden (one time move) for around 75 pips during very calm trade. No news, relatively low volume time. But it’s suddenly going up with one move. Not one pair but 6 all them. Later on i confirm this price movement with my another demo acc. which is IBFx and NorthFinance but none of it had a same price move.
After print out that ‘SCAM’ and comparison from other platform; I decided to stay away from this Bloody Company…. This is the truth … Stay away from them….

MROZI did not rate this post.
Comment by Johny
2008-10-17 13:13:01

I had a bad experience with them, each deposit takes a week to take effect. very critical for open position with low margin.

Johny ratings for this post: Johny gives a rating of 1Johny gives a rating of 1Johny gives a rating of 1Johny gives a rating of 1Johny gives a rating of 1
Comment by Tom Subscribed to comments via email
2009-03-10 23:18:26

I very much like the platform but since I am from US the bank will not accept me for now

Tom did not rate this post.
Comment by lazenby
2009-08-19 09:32:28

Ava game a good demo to try my skills and that was by itself impressive. They have got everything in the platform, gold, wheat, cotton, Dax, and of course forex trading—-so I got to learn a lot of things. A real account wit Ava put me back by only $100, but of course they had the choice of Gold and Platinum accounts with much more minimum balances required. And oh yes, Ava gave me a free bonus of $50 for the money I put in my Silver account. It’s pretty good if your broker gives you some free cash, and I can tell you not many do that!!

Spreads I got were not variable but good, and the platform was pretty stable. I got a leverage of 200:1 with absolutely no commission whatsoever and tell you what, I got the best technical feeds too. These guys have provided a lot for the security of the platform with daily certification of Mc Afee Secure Scan, AICPA Web compliance and True-Site seal. So I guess your money is safe with Ava fx. Frankly, I haven’t seen this level of security in the other platforms I have used before. Support is excellent, 24 hrs, web-based and multi-lingual too. Transparency is an important feature of Avafx in the sense, you get to see at their site, who audits their accounts and where they keep their money. Topping it is the fact that they have listed their entire management team at their website. Tell me which other broker does this?

There’s a lot more positive about Avafx and talking about all that would be endless.

lazenby ratings for this post: lazenby gives a rating of 4lazenby gives a rating of 4lazenby gives a rating of 4lazenby gives a rating of 4lazenby gives a rating of 4
Comment by bono
2009-08-25 12:26:06

Solid every other way but no meta trader support.Some technical glitches as well.

bono ratings for this post: bono gives a rating of 3bono gives a rating of 3bono gives a rating of 3bono gives a rating of 3bono gives a rating of 3
Comment by lisahenry
2011-05-31 10:40:30

AVA FX is a leading forex group and stock index CFD online broker.It has one the most advanced security system, which is fully regulated to the precise standards of the EU.

lisahenry did not rate this post.
Comment by samm Subscribed to comments via email
2011-12-08 21:23:33

avafx is totally scam.i lost my lots of money in avafx.more then 20000 dollar.i m a student,how much i saved i lost all.i ask them every time just give me the right direction but they didn’t i m hopeless, money less,i don’t have job,i don’t know what to do?they just take our money legally.never try online trading.this is kind of blackhole.

samm did not rate this post.
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