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Advanced Currency Markets (ACM) Review

Advance Currency Markets rating:
8 votes, average: 5.25 out of 58 votes, average: 5.25 out of 58 votes, average: 5.25 out of 58 votes, average: 5.25 out of 58 votes, average: 5.25 out of 5 (8 votes, average: 5.25 out of 5, rated)
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Advanced Currency Markets also known as ACM is the brokerage company that is based in Geneva, Switzerland and has offices in Dubai (Middle East and Asia), Montevideo and New York.
ACM has redefined traditional financial markets by creating a corporate culture which embraces the entrepreneurial spirit while exemplifying professionalism. In a way it could be said that this company has redefined the way financial markets operate.

Company’s Market Position

ACM is adequately capitalized with a 20,000,000 chf share capital base. It also maintains partnerships with over 600 different companies including with banks. This gives ACM a strong base in forex markets. ACM is also regulated by the Swiss federal department of finance.
ACM offers the most competitive transparent and simple trade execution facility to the foreign exchange trader. It embraces the concept of WYCIWYG (what you click is what you get) which speaks a lot about the emphasis on accuracy in their trading platforms.

Types of Services Offered

ACM offers 1% initial margin
39 one click tradable currency pairs are available for trading.
ACM also offers a demo facility that is available for a 30 day period
The minimum amount required to open a standard account is US $ 5000 or equivalent.
The minimum amount required to open an institutional account is US $50,000 or equivalent.
The spread rates of the Standard account for major currency pairs are given below.

EUR USD 0.003
GBP USD 0.0003
USD CAD 0.0004
USD CHF 0.0003
USD JPY 0.03

Although ACM says that the spreads are normally fixed, they have added the rider that it could widen significantly if unexpected events occur leading to volatile market conditions.

Trading Platform

With ACM you have the luxury of choosing from 4 different trading platforms as per your requirement. Access to all ACM platforms can be made with the same login.

Advanced Trader ~this is a quickly downloadable Java based platform, extremely stable, and very user friendly and easy to use. In short it is a fully integrated desktop application. It also has advanced analysis and charting tools. From the functional point of view it is very fast in executing trades, and there arises absolutely no need for re-quotes or reconfirming trades. Reports can be printed anytime.

Advanced Web Trader ~ this platform needs absolutely no download and can be operated from a simple web browser anywhere in the world. It even works well behind a firewall.
It is compatible with any kind of computer Operating System whether it be Windows, Mac or Linux.

Advanced Flash Trader ~ This is meant for the experienced trader with enhanced user experience and easy to use interface.
Advanced Flash Trader is a flash based rich internet application requiring no download whatsoever.
It also has a high degree of charting capability.

Advanced Mobile Trader~ This platform can be used to trade currency from just about anywhere in the world via any wap enabled mobile phone. Therefore it offers the client increased mobility.
Using Advanced Mobile Trader clients can view full reports including execution and open order reports from their mobile.

Trader Support

Whether you have a live or a demo client, trader support is always available. Usually this support is available to answer your inquiries 24/24, 5 days a week.

Site design and ease of navigation

It is very easy to navigate through this site.


The ACM demo account provides unlimited Live Quotes, Charts and Streaming News and so it is closer to the real thing.
A client can also choose between different trading platforms depending on the requirements.
ACM accounts are audited by Ernst & Young which is indeed reassuring to the investors. It is also a very pertinent point that ACM is ISO 9001 and ISO 27001 certified by SGS
As ACM is a Swiss based company there is no capital gains tax on foreign exchange profits earned.


The initial amount required to start a standard account is fairly high.

For the experienced trader ACM is a good broker to be with.

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Comment by coven
2008-06-08 14:41:37

Some worry about spreads changing without warning and thats been my demo experience.I am still on the learning curve with them.

coven ratings for this post: coven gives a rating of 3coven gives a rating of 3coven gives a rating of 3coven gives a rating of 3coven gives a rating of 3
Comment by BM Subscribed to comments via email
2010-03-08 17:13:18

That’s because it is an STP broker and not a Market Maker,they do not set the spread. The spreads you see appearing are direct from the liquidity providers themselves and so have a tendancy to fluctuate, especially prior to, during and after any major economic news. The nice thing about ACM though is that it is one of the few brokers whose platform lets you enter a trade during any actual volatile moment, shows a nice combination between their platform technology and number of liquidity providers they use.

BM ratings for this post: BM gives a rating of 5BM gives a rating of 5BM gives a rating of 5BM gives a rating of 5BM gives a rating of 5
Comment by zack
2008-06-20 19:02:50

Lotsa difference between their quotes on the platform and the ones they use on their graphs.My problem, which way am I to go then?

zack ratings for this post: zack gives a rating of 3zack gives a rating of 3zack gives a rating of 3zack gives a rating of 3zack gives a rating of 3
Comment by radisson
2008-06-25 18:24:42

Zacks never mind the graphs there, specially if there is a news announcement,I mean spread starts widening at that point and you get a weird situation.So just dont trade the news and else things seem ok.

radisson ratings for this post: radisson gives a rating of 3radisson gives a rating of 3radisson gives a rating of 3radisson gives a rating of 3radisson gives a rating of 3
Comment by slava
2009-06-26 10:38:34

The most most worst broker in the world. They have 4 platforms and no one work properly. They are mentioned on the web site that they get – “Best Forex trading platform 2009”. How they get this award? I am the customer of this broker. Nobody was asking me. The problems is :
- Always take a long time to start the any platform;
- The price is always going up for 4-5 pips compare with others brokers, but when the bar is closing the price is coming down and closing price will be the same.
- You can not open the stop order very close to real price.
- Sometimes the graphic chart is working, but the rest of the thing is frozen. And you can not do anything, only you have to switch off and start again. And it will take again a long time.
- Closing the order – taking long time. So you are loosing few pips. The deal did not take place immediately.
- For me the graphic chart is not very clear and not comfortable compare to others.

slava ratings for this post: slava gives a rating of 1slava gives a rating of 1slava gives a rating of 1slava gives a rating of 1slava gives a rating of 1
Comment by Nita
2009-07-13 15:24:09

ACM used to be ok earlier on, but of late yes the ACM platforms don’t look stable nor is the quote realisticaly pipped for trading.

Besides, forex forums like have got a lot of positive reviews of ACM, may be to intentionally jack up a positive image of the broker.So that’s something to be concerned about.

Hope ACM gets their house in order especially after this:

Nita ratings for this post: Nita gives a rating of 2Nita gives a rating of 2Nita gives a rating of 2Nita gives a rating of 2Nita gives a rating of 2
Comment by mirinda
2009-08-22 11:10:38

I guess ACM has got the most options in letting us choose the platform you would like to use. The best part is you can use any of these platforms with the same login and password, be it the Advanced Trader, Web trader or Mobile trader. I have been using the conventional java based Advanced trader and it is pretty stable to use from the point of executing quick trades, getting quotes and printing reports. Charting and analysis are both excellent.

I could trade more than 30 currency pairs in the platform with a 1% margin, considering that I had to put in $5000 to open this account. Spreads were fixed with EUR/USD being 0.003 pips, but can’t say how much volatility could affect the spreads, simply because didn’t encounter any volatility. Trader support was great, and so was the streaming news that helped me decide on the trade quotes. I am pretty sure that with ACM platform what you click is precisely what you get, which means accuracy is what ACM is all about. And accuracy in forex trading means a lot, because a pip here or a pip there could mean a lot if you were dealing with a big account size.

I believe the Web trader platform works very well even behind a firewall, no matter what operating system you could be using whether it is Mac,Linux or Windows. One great thing about their support is, they give it to you even if you were a demo client. That’s precisely what a professional forex broker should be doing. All said and done, a lot many retail forex traders would find the amount required to open an account on the higher side.

mirinda ratings for this post: mirinda gives a rating of 3mirinda gives a rating of 3mirinda gives a rating of 3mirinda gives a rating of 3mirinda gives a rating of 3
Comment by hot trader
2009-09-08 21:39:42

I think they are a great broker, been with them for about 2 months and no slippage whatsoever.

The thing about this report is that is old: ACM now has a new platform, the iPhone one. I don’t use it, but is display in their website.
Plus those spreads are lower now because they have 6 account types now.

In conclusion: Great broker :)
Regards traders!

hot trader did not rate this post.
Comment by Bessie
2009-10-06 20:54:27

Did you notice that today UsdJpy It went up to 88.62!!! This was the opportunity today!!! And gold, haven’t been that up in a Very long time!!!
I usually see my news at my brokers website ACM but i will definitely come back here, these site is very accurate and updated!!!

Bessie did not rate this post.
Comment by BM Subscribed to comments via email
2010-03-08 17:56:34

I have traded a live account for almost a half year at present. Spreads are mostly competitive, execution is pretty incredible to say the least, this has removed the worry of requotes and non exectuded trades. Funding and withdrawal is a breeze via PayPal. Although never tried yet by myself, I have read many good reviews of their new iPhone Mobile trading platform. Replies to e-mails are prompt, informative and polite.

BM ratings for this post: BM gives a rating of 5BM gives a rating of 5BM gives a rating of 5BM gives a rating of 5BM gives a rating of 5
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