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5EMAs Forex System Review

5EMAs Forex System ratings:
3 votes, average: 4.00 out of 53 votes, average: 4.00 out of 53 votes, average: 4.00 out of 53 votes, average: 4.00 out of 53 votes, average: 4.00 out of 5 (3 votes, average: 4.00 out of 5, rated)
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Welcome to 5EMAs Forex System review page!
Firstly a few words on what is meant by EMA. EMA is an acronym for exponential moving averages. The EMA in simple terms is a smoothed representation of current market activity. It indicates how major trends influence market behavior. For example an EMA could tell you if the forex market was moving up or down at the moment of your analysis.


The 5EMA’s trading system comprises of 3 separate trading systems plus bonuses.
They are:

  1. The Standard 5EMA’s forex trading system.
  2. The advanced 5EMA’s forex trading system and
  3. The Trader BO Divergence course.

This software is designed for the intra day trader. It works in a very simple way and that is by catching the pullbacks within the intra-day trends.
The manual provided along with the product covers the basics of forex trading plus the details of the 5EMA’s forex trading system. The manual is written well and the system itself is based on sound trading principles.

The 5EMAs forex system costs just $97 with an eight week money back guarantee if you are not satisfied.


The 5EMA’s trading system doesn’t actually use 5EMAs on your chart, so actually you won’t need 5EMA’s software to trade it.
As explained earlier, what the system does is that it first catches on to the pullbacks within the intraday trends. Then it simply opens the trades and latches on to that pullback trend to its logical completion. This is coupled with a very good trade management process.
One of the key features of this software is that it specifies when you shouldn’t be making a trade even though a trade alert may have been signaled.

Most of the systems tell you how to make an entry at an exact price level. You miss that exact entry price and you end up missing everything. In that case you simply have to forego that trade. But this is not so with the 5EMA’s system. Using this system you can still make an entry a few pips late and that could end up as a good trade too. This displays the high quality of the 5EMA’s trading set up.
The success of the system can be attributed to:

  • The accuracy of the entry point suggested by the software
  • The trade management rules of the software, especially the exit strategies it follows. The unique entry and trade exit strategies make it excellent for day trading in forex markets.

The package comes along with the 5EMA’s Alert Expert Advisor.
What does this do?
It simply alerts you to a potential trade coming up. What this means is that, you have to look at the charts only if there is a signal. It surely saves your time. You can do things around your computer and the moment you hear a trade alert being signaled, just get back to the computer and look at the charts. In other words, the Expert Advisor always keeps working in the background.

Then the package has the scalping system which helps you scalp extra pips using the 5EMA’s trading system. This helps you increase your trading profits by scalping for additional pips while using 5EMA’s system.

The Trader BO Divergence course, apart from being a standalone trading system helps you to manage your trades when you use the 5EMAs forex trading system.


The 5EMA’s trading system is the right one for you if you want to learn how to day-trade with a semi-mechanical system. Apart from that it gives you adequate forex education and tells you how to use basic technical indicators so that you can cobble up a unique entry system with a high probability of winning in forex markets. One of the main problems is that, it doesn’t display a contact page unless you become a registered buyer and login.
All said and done, this trading system just like other systems out there is meant for a trader who has reasonable experience in forex trading.

Write your own review of 5EMAS Forex System

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Comment by mikhail
2008-06-19 14:54:42

If it works, this is one for long trader not for shorts. All this works when there is already a trend. Anyone used this here?

mikhail ratings for this post: mikhail gives a rating of 1mikhail gives a rating of 1mikhail gives a rating of 1mikhail gives a rating of 1mikhail gives a rating of 1
Comment by adil
2008-06-21 15:04:14

Havent used this software but certainly could vouch that the 160 page course book is great. It certainly could make you a thorough professional in matter of days even if you already knew a great deal about forex before.So worth a try really.

adil ratings for this post: adil gives a rating of 3adil gives a rating of 3adil gives a rating of 3adil gives a rating of 3adil gives a rating of 3
Comment by steve
2009-08-14 08:02:44

I try to keep my forex trading nice and simple as far as possible, and want to be done with it before the day is out. So I am basically a day trader, looking for those trends that prolong within the day and profit from the pullbacks when that happens.

5EMA’s costs just the same as other software out there and I like it because it suits my style. What it does is just to open a trade when a pullback from a trend occurs. Other systems would want you to open a trade entry at a very specific price, and nothing below or above that works. You miss that price and you simply don’t enter the trade. But this software offers you a price band, and it’s alright if you enter a few pips up or down the specific price. But you can be rest assured of the accuracy of the entry price band suggested to you. So is the accuracy of the exit price level.

So what do you have to do with 5EMA’s? At the minimum, first mount the software on your computer. Then look at the charts when you get a signal from them. And then just go on trading entering your winning trades. Another thing it gives you good forex knowledge especially via the trader BO Divergence course as you couldn’t be getting that anywhere else.

Ok it gives you accuracy and everything a day trader would want but surely not compatible for a newbie. You really need to have some experience to handle 5EMA’s.

steve ratings for this post: steve gives a rating of 4steve gives a rating of 4steve gives a rating of 4steve gives a rating of 4steve gives a rating of 4
Comment by wesley
2009-08-24 12:54:51

As it uses pulbacks from daily trends to its advantage,good for the day trader.

wesley ratings for this post: wesley gives a rating of 3wesley gives a rating of 3wesley gives a rating of 3wesley gives a rating of 3wesley gives a rating of 3
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