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Compare Forex Brokers shoulder to shoulder using comparison table and find their rating, reviews & comments

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Compare Forex trading software shoulder to shoulder using comparison table and find their rating, reviews & comments

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Main points when choosing a broker

If you don't care about the location of your forex broker you would probably be sending your money to some remote corner of the world with little chance of accessing it when you need it the most.
Regulatory Approvals
If you don't choose a broker with proper regulatory approvals you have no guarantee your broker would really act on your decisions. Then you will have no one to complain to.
Type of account
What’s the point in going for a broker with only a standard account facility, if all the money you have for forex trading is just $500? You should be looking for a broker with a “Mini account”, as the type of account should suit your wallet.
Without leverage you will never be able to factor in high risks against the possibility of big profits accruing. Beware; it’s a double edged sword if you don’t pay heed to leverage.
If you are not bothered about spreads then you shouldn't be doing day trading. After all a 2-3 point spread will easily make you more money than trying to make a profit on 5-10 point spreads.
Trading Platform
This is the key to trading. If you don’t feel comfortable using the trading platform, believe me you will never end up making profits.
If you don't look at the support function critically what is the guarantee of your broker giving you real time live support on a 24-hr basis?
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